Why is working with regal bridge the right choice for you and your clients. 

Regal bridge prides itself on a modern approach to Funeral Plans sales, with technology to guide you through the process, a panel of different providers and clear commision structures. 


Access to a Panel of Funeral Plans to ensure the right Funeal Planning Solution for you and your client. 


Allow your clients to buy a Funeral Plan on your website, its as simple as embedding a link that we provide. 


Go mobile with the Regal Bridge App, all the information and application forms at your fingertips. 


Speak to Advisor 24 hours a day, someone will always be on hand to answer your questions. 


Want a designated Funeral Plan Sales Website, why not let us create one for you? we work with skilled web designers to ensure we provide the site you and your clients want. 


Do you want to add another product to you businesses portfolio ? we can create a white label Funeral Plan to encorporate your cleints needs. 


Speak to a skilled advisor who can answer your questions on any Funeral Plan, compare the Terms and Conditions of several plans on one phone call. 

Remove the confusion

REMOVE THE confusion.

Funeral Plans can be confusing, there are many suppliers and products. We offer the Regal Bridge App, by asking the client some questions we can offer a comparison of the plans that suit their needs. No more confusion, no more juggling many different application packs, no more lengthy calls to providers. Just check out the App Demo for more information. 


What makes joining our network so different?

The Regal Bridge Network is unique in the products and services we can offer you and your business. Why not get intouch with one of our business to business managers to discuss how we can support you.

The best choice for the client.

We offer a panel of Funeral Plans Impartially and allow you and the client to find the right Funeral Plan for them.

Great Technology, Great Support.

We have developed tehnology that makes choosing a Funeral Plan simple for your client,  we can offer round the clock support, whether it be over the phone or online we are here to support you.

Clear and Competitive commision structure.

Regal bridge gives you the oppurtunity to earn great commision whilst ensuring your doing the bet for your client.